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About us

     Company FIMKA COMPANY LTD is one of the largest producers of PVC and aluminum joinery in Serbia with the main office in Turkey. Known for its quality and affordable prices. FIMKA COMPANY LTD sells its products through distributors across Serbia.
     We have the complete product range of PVC and aluminum, ie. PVC and aluminum windows and doors in all possible ways and fill with standard and non-standard sizes, shades, blinds, eaves and decorative panels.
     Corporate headquarters in Novi Pazar, we have a wholesale facility in Belgrade. FIMKA COMPANY LTD work in accordance with the latest international norms and standards and has all certificates of quality and reliability, as well as the European CE certification, CE marking symbolizes the conformity of the product with the requirements that oblige manufacturers of this product. It indicates that the product is designed and manufactured in accordance with health, safety and other EU directives relevant to the product and to provide for placing the CE mark on it.
     CE stands for Conformité Européenne, and in contrast to the quality standards related to the quality, but the safety of the product. The EU member states, through their legislation and other measures to ensure that marketed products that do not threaten the security, life and health or other public interests. CE mark, unlike the signs of quality required and produced without the CE mark can be found on the EU market.
     FIMKA COMPANY LTD was founded in 1995. in Turkey And in 2007. in Serbia, and manufactures PVC and aluminum joinery with unique technology for the first time applied in this area.
     The manufacturing program includes single and double windows, balcony, interior and exterior doors of the decorative panels with standard and non-standard sizes, shades, blinds, eaves and decorative panels.
     All production is made of five-chamber profile or six-comors (CE mark) Turkish and German bonds. The fillings used 6 types of glass and several variants of low-E glass with argon. The corporate headquarters FIMKA COMPANY LTD in Novi Pazar.

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