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Why PVC?

When you consider the fact that 70% loss of energy needed to heat goes on doors, windows and external walls is very important to choose and install the necessary quality joinery. On the thermographic image you can see that the windows are the biggest losers of energy and they should be given the greatest attention when choosing us to later save energy for heating paid. If you've ever had the opportunity to consult with an architect when building a house or renovating an apartment will surely tell you, when the window comes, it is not just the closing of the facility built. The window next to his aesthetic role it plays in the end is a very demanding functional role when you are inside the living space. The window should meet well ventilated, ample natural light, necessary protection from the cold or high heat, noise protection, in extreme cases of burglars. As our contact with the living environment, the window has a role to make us a part of this environment, but also to provide the necessary protection. Not because of sensitivity to moisture and excellent insulating ability, PVC is very suitable for doors. By purchasing PVC windows and doors will receive secure protection from cold, heat, noise, rain at an affordable price and minimal suport. PVC is the material that is most resistant to all kinds of chemicals and gases that can be found in the air, especially in urban places. Chemical composition of PVC are the components of which receives more in the nature of the materials necessary for competitive materials used for windows made (wood and bauxite - aluminum), which directly affects the price of products. Durability doors to an average of 60 to 100 years. Because of these characteristics for PVC stands out as by far the best solution when you choose the windows or the dors for home or workspace.

  • Positive reinforcement robust design window.
  • Euro mounting, 13 mm axle, upgrading to Windows security
  • Three seals, the best thermal insulation, wind resistance and water Impermeability.
  • Exceptional thermal insulation U1-value 1.100-0.95 w/m2K.
  • Drainage and ventilation as well as protection from moisture steel reinforcement chamber.


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